Tips to Incorporate Some Art into Your Space

Tips to Incorporate Some Art into Your Space

One of the questions that everyone has while shifting to a new place is “How do I add artwork to my home?” There are unending choices, which makes it tough to decide the pieces that you should add to rooms. If you are struggling to choose something that will complement your room, here are some tips that will help you in setting the mood of the space. You can even create some of your own or buy it. And, even if you end up spending a little more on a piece, it is worth it as such pieces gain more value over time.  

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Hang your Art Low

It is not must to hang in every corner, but if you want to hang that art boy or some art piece against your wall, ensure it is only 8-16 above the table. You have to hang this low so the heart of the piece is at eye level. Even if you want to hang several artwork in columns or rows, ensure the lowest piece is placed 8 to 16 inches from the furniture for creating a design statement. 

You can also lean the artwork in place of hanging to bring a welcoming vibe into the room. And, yes, you can place the framed art pieces on the floor for giving a relaxed look to any room. 

Choose the Color 

This is the first thing that people usually get confused in while choosing art for their room. There is no rule that the color of the artwork should be similar to the color of the room. You can either select similar or contradicting colored artwork, anything according to your preference. Just focus on selecting a color that makes the space more attractive. And,  colorful artwork looks best on the white walls while the black and white art looks best on the colorful walls. 

Mix Old and New

To add more excitement to the room, try to mix art from the different eras. You can have fun while mixing different arts and themes and will fall in love with the space. A good art piece will help you in creating a striking focal point to the area. Or you can add contemporary lighting or rugs to the modern room. However, take in consideration the architectural elements of the entire space while mixing the modern and traditional styles. 

Take Time to Shop 

It’s not a good decision to settle on the first piece of art you see anywhere or just get what’s being sold at a discounted price. You should check a few shops or online so that you buy the best piece to decorate your room. If you are buying it for the first time, you need to know why you want to place an art piece, and this will guide you to find a piece that you will love.

Get What You Love  

There is no rule that you need to spend on buying a unique or rare piece of work. You can buy anything expensive or cheap that you like to give some character to your room. It is completely up to you whether you want an original or a massively produced piece. But make sure anything you buy should bring happiness on your face, whenever you see it. 


It is always fun to decorate your house. But make sure all the pieces you add, reflect you and set a good vibe into the space. And, try to look beyond 2D images and find something that is elemental in provoking a conversation when you guests or friends sit in that room. And, having a theme will help you in connecting all the pieces of the room.