Searching for Love in the Digital Era?

Have you felt that the digital era has changed a lot many things? The way we connect and intimate with people has changed as well. How often do you meet people? Don’t you prefer Skype for that? How often do you talk over your phone? Don’t you prefer chatting for that?

How often do you express your feelings to someone? Don’t you prefer using emoticons for that? But have you ever thought for a second that these technologies are affecting your relationships? Same is the case when you are searching for your soulmate. 

When people started using online dating, there were no seducing videos, photo-shopped selfies, and not even there was a swipe right or left. There were only internet chat rooms through which singles could freely express their feelings. But now people are opening-up and the digital era made online dating mainstream.  

However, not everyone is able to find love in the first place. This means that people would end up being single and they have to search for love from scratch. Given the prevalent hookup mindset of people nowadays, starting the search from square one can be a bit pressurizing. As you can’t tell the woman you are meeting is going to secretly rob you. Or the man you are meeting is a serial killer. It’s difficult to tell whether the person whom you are searching for love is interested in just having casual sex.

Well, if you are searching for love in this digital era, then you must be aware of these things. As you know the coronavirus has changed quite a bit of the dating scenario as well.

The Loneliness Absurdity

Having already said, online dating not only lets us know the various possibilities of finding love but also brings certain problems with it. Due to which it becomes difficult for you to choose your right soulmate. Though we think that we’ll find someone better because f the endless choices, people generally end up staying alone. Online dating nowadays has become a sport for people. The hookup culture has not left dating as a means to build a strong relationship. And young digital natives prefer dating apps to find love rather than looking around at a bar. But what’s the fun of dating if there’s no future.

Man Behind the Curtain

It’s quite easy to form an image of the person irrespective of meeting them personally through social media and dating apps. But this imaginary image you have in your mind is not always the actual representation of the person you are going to meet at your date. Although scrolling the Facebook profile of the person only helps you in starting a conversation with that person during your first meeting, don’t forget that what you saw online was a socially crafted image of that person. And the online persona won’t make you aware of the malicious intent of the person. Social media post more or less tells you a story of the person the way they want to look for its viewers. Likeways, candid photographs of people are clicked carefully. So, it’s good to make any conclusions or judgments related to the love of your life after meeting the person for quite a while and conversing a lot.

Tone of Texting

People generally like communicating through social media messages or texts. Because of this even some of the simplest messages look like a complex riddle. This is due to the lack of communication between peoples. Sending a quick response to the person you’ll be dating can manifest disinterest at times. The tone of your texts or the series of letters written can often be misleading because of the communication gap. So, it’s better not to take any kind of text or message personally or dismissive. It’s better to either have no preferences for the texts received or the best thing is communicating over the call. So, if you are really looking forward to having a fruitful date, don’t go mad by the responses over the text.

The Positive Aspects

Social media and online dating apps do help people in finding the love of their love as you get to meet people having similar interests. They also help in creating interracial relationships. Online dating apps provide a place for people who are searching for love, especially the ones who have come out of a long relationship or divorced recently. So, the only advice is to take time in building intimacy with people by spending time together. Make sure to forget your phone the time you knowing more about your partner.