It’s Time to Shift Your Focus to Yourself

It’s Time to Shift Your Focus to Yourself

Have you found yourself draining your energy on others? Or are you trying to practice self love? Whatever your reason be, it’s time you consider shifting your focus to yourself. But won’t that be selfish? Well, no! It isn’t selfish to give yourself attention, to prioritize yourself over others and most importantly to invest in yourself for better health and growth.

Focusing on others is good to some extent but when you start forgetting your own importance, it becomes toxic. And if you think you are the only empath here, you are not. And again, being empathetic is good but being over empathetic can be damaging and triggering for you.

Anyways, let’s see how you can shift your focus to yourself easily without offending your near and dear ones.

Pay Attention to Your Body

Start with your body. Love it, tell yourself how perfect your body is and treat it well. Take a healthy, balanced diet, stay hydrated, relax, work out, wear comfortable clothes, clean your body and pamper it with products that will keep it healthy externally as well as internally.

Along with your body, don’t forget to pay attention to your mental health as well. The idea is to love yourself. Indulge in self love by treating yourself well. It starts with your body because you can physically see results. And this can give you this sense of satisfaction that the change you are practicing is actually bringing in a positive change for you.

Prioritize Working On Something You Like

Prioritize Working On Something You Like

Any activity that you like, be it some hobby or your work, consider doing it more often. Imagine you are with someone and they offer to do something you like, like maybe dance or paint together, how will you feel? Loved, right? Yes, give that love to yourself. Show that you are your first priority and you care about your likes and dislikes.

Doing something you like will allow you to enjoy the process and look forward to doing it again. It will distract you from other stuff and take you to a world in which you are happy and comfortable.

Try to Stay As Positive As You Can

It is okay to get negative thoughts. It is okay to feel low at times. But you need to pick yourself up again and feel positive. Don’t lower your vibrations. Try to stay positive in every aspect of your life.

If you don’t know how exactly you can be positive, start by paying gratitude for whatever you have in your life. Say positive affirmations out loud. Believe that everything that is happening has something positive to offer, be it in the form of some lesson. Meditate. Smile more. Keep reminding yourself constantly that you are positive, everything is fine, you are good, everything is working out exactly how you expected.

Most importantly, let go. Let go of any thought or energy that pulls you down or seems negative. Remove yourself from situations that can stress you and avoid consuming negative content in any form.

Dump Your Thoughts Before They Drain You

Dump Your Thoughts Before They Drain You

It is normal to get bombarded with thoughts every now and then. Be it overthinking or thinking about several things at the same time. All these thoughts that can make you anxious can affect your health and energy. Dump them. How do we dump our thoughts you may ask? Well, write them down in a notebook or a journal.

One thinks and it is normal to get a thousand thoughts. It is normal to spiral as well but we need to avoid that. And in order to avoid spirling, it is better to unspiral the spiral. Acknowledge that you are thinking. Go deeper and understand what exactly is affecting you and why you are overthinking. There is something that triggers you and pushes you to overthink in a situation, mostly a past experience. Find what it is and write everything about it in a notebook. This will clear your mind.

Be Nice to Yourself

Lastly, do not be harsh on yourself. It is okay to make mistakes. It is okay to fail and quit. Do not say or think anything negative about yourself. Imagine you are talking to someone on the internet who is going through something you are going through and now think how you would have responded to them. You would have been nice to them, right? Just be nice to yourself in a similar way. You deserve love as much as anyone else does. Accept this. Tell yourself you deserve love, you deserve everything that you are willing to offer and now give that to yourself. Whatever you can give to others can be given to yourself as well.

I hope this helps you in improving your relationship with yourself. Making this a habit will take time and you may fail in the process. It is okay, enjoy the process and don’t be hard on yourself. Check out this mha quirk quiz for fun!