How does Art Influence Culture & Society?

How does Art Influence Culture & Society?

Everyone loves art, it does not matter if you are an artist or not. Here the term art has a broader meaning, art is not just drawing or painting but it includes dancing, pottery, writing, designing, and many more. 

You must be looking at the effect of art on society. Art influences society by changing opinion, imprinting values, motivating, and translating experiences from time to time. For instance, if you watch an exciting character on your television, it influences you positively and negatively. 

Here, I will be explaining all the points in detail which will help you to get an idea about how does art influences culture and society. 

Art preserves history

Art preserves history

Art is successful in preserving history. You must have an idea about the impact of history on society. Whenever we look back to old times and try to study, it’s exciting to know how we have evolved. You must have seen your parents cherishing old times. It’s very appreciative that art has maintained the beauty of history by linking it with the present world. 

Moreover, it has taught us to value our past and present cultures around the globe. For instance, if we look at old paintings and sculptures, we get to know about their lifestyle and clothing. You can read different blogs diffing past and current fashions.  

Power of Creating Awareness

First, let me just explain to you the meaning of awareness in art. Awareness art aims to spread the message to a wide audience as possible with the help of cultural enrichment. And indeed it has worked great to spread awareness about various social issues. Art through social media is acting as a catalyst by drawing attention to socio challenges being faced by people around the globe.  

When we start exploring the creative innovations of artists, we get an idea about the message that he is trying to tell to a global audience by way of art. And surprisingly, art connects people emotionally, which words can’t. 

Builds Connection Between Two Different Cultures

Builds Connection Between Two Different Cultures

Art helps to build connections between different communities and groups which share their culture. Art is something that defines a specific state and culture. You must have seen artists roaming around the world to create art. Here’s why. Because art is something which you won’t be able to do by sitting ideally in your room. 

Traveling around the world helps them to collect information around the globe. Further, they try to spread information and experience by way of art. And when this information reaches the public, it connects different states and culture

For instance, when you read or see something new, automatically it excites you to know more about it. So, here it means that the artist has done his work great to connect you to his information. 

Art for a Social Change

As I have discussed earlier that art spreads awareness that results in social attachment. It gives voice to the political and social issues that often act as a vehicle for social change.  

For instance, a song and movie can rouse an emotional feeling that ultimately inspires everyone for a social change. 

Art has the power to influence anyone positively or negatively. Sometimes it may lead to controversies and differences among the groups. Art impacts society in three different ways, first, it comes out of one person’s experience and reaction, then how others perceive it, and at the end how it impacts society. 

Art and Economy

Art and Economy

Before this, it is very important to get an idea about the relation between art and the human brain. Research has worked a lot to find the relationship between art and the brain. It was concluded that it affects more than anything which ultimately affects the economy.

You must have observed that when people watch arts such as dance and acting, their brain picks up the movement and they start copying them. Most importantly, it activates the creative portion of the brain. 

According to the research, cultural activities have a very positive benefit to human working tendency. It refreshes the mind, improves critical thinking skills, growth and development, and improves concentration. 

However, indirectly it helps the economy to grow. The state with a higher proportion of creative minds is most developed and tends to be the stronger. Here’s why. Art is an important part of everyday life. It is the core of economic engines such as architectural building, clothing fashion, creative writing, music, and dance. 


Now, it will not justified if you say that you are not directly connected to art, it means it does not affect you. But the truth is that even if you choose art as a profession or entertainment, it impacts you individually as well as in a group. Plus, it’s also possible that you have an expensive art piece at home. In order to keep it safe, it’s better to contact a security company in London, which can secure your assets. This is important because art is expensive and people always want to get their hands on unique pieces.