Stressed about Coronavirus? Here’s How Art can Help you

The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus has left our minds with nothing but stress and anxiety. And all we are able to think about, right now, is how this pandemic is going to affect us. 

As per a recent survey, more than 50 percent of Americans are stressing about them catching the COVID-19 virus very soon. And more than 40 percent think they may get very seriously ill of it. But even in these times of crisis, art is giving us hope to live a peaceful life.

As the pandemic stress is surging slowly, we all are looking for some ways to manage it efficiently. And for this very purpose, many are turning their creative sides on. People have started drawing, painting, music, photography etc. to keep themselves busy and distracted. And it is actually proving to be a great coping mechanism.

Let’s see how indulging yourself in something creative and artsy can help you get through this coronavirus pandemic.

Art is a Great Stress-buster

All these artsy activities, such as drawing, painting, photography etc., are very relaxing and rewarding. 

As per the experts, on average, a person’s mind comes up with around 60 thousand thoughts per day. And more than 90 percent of these are about only one single thing. But doing something creative can provide you with a much-needed distraction from those repetitive thoughts and give you a chance to take a break.

When you are totally immersed in an activity, it’s like being in a state of meditation. And this meditative state helps you push all your tensions and worries aside and provides you with an amazing feeling of calmness and freedom.

Art Improves Your Creative Thinking Abilities

In stressful times like these, our brain usually isn’t able to function well. And this can hamper the quality of the work we are doing.

Experts say that this usually happens because when our mind is under pressure, the cells inside our brain cannot communicate well with each other. And because of this, we can’t think clearly. However, art can help us solve this problem.

Unlike math, art doesn’t have one correct answer. And therefore, it encourages you to think creatively and make your own answers. It provokes you to think out-of-the-box and use both sides of your brain to come up with a unique solution. 

And this creative thinking reflects in your other tasks too.

Art Provides you with a Sense of Accomplishment

Due to the social distancing and quarantine mandates, we all are stuck inside our homes with nothing much to do. And this can make us feel very unproductive.

However,  your artistic side can help you manage this too. Creating Something out of nothing can provide you with a great sense of accomplishment. And showing your art to others can boost your self-esteem significantly. You feel good and happy. And this helps you increase your focus and concentration.

Being creative also increases the level of dopamine in your brain, which stimulates the growth of new neurons. This helps your brain grasp new things very efficiently. It also helps you prevent any kind of depression.

Art Helps Dementia Patients Live Better

Art has the ability to enhance memory and cognitive abilities, even in people with some very serious brain conditions, including dementia.

Dementia is a brain condition that mainly involves memory loss. However, patients experience many other symptoms too, such as insomnia, depression and anxiety. And this pandemic has made the condition of dementia patients even worse. 

Along with traditional drug treatment, these patients are also encouraged to be creative. This can help them improve their overall social behavior and reduce their psychological symptoms. Many experts believe that doing something creative can help dementia patients improve the connection between their left and right sides of the brain. Plus, it can also help them grow new and healthy brain cells.

Art Helps Ease the Effects of Many Chronic Conditions

We all are suffering due to this coronavirus pandemic. But the hardest hit are those who need to manage their chronic health condition too, along with this virus attack.

Various studies have shown that art can be very beneficial for our physical as well as psychological health. Here are a few ways in which art can help us ease the effects of our chronic health condition:

  • It helps us forget our illness for some time and lets us focus on the positive experiences of our life.
  • It gives us a sense of accomplishment.
  • It reminds us of what we are beside our illness.
  • It helps us express our feelings through our art.

Art obviously cannot help us recover from our disease. However, it can surely provide us with the energy to fight some more.