Here’s How this Lockdown is Changing the Concept of Relationships and Dating

Dating in a pandemic

It has been more than two months now that we are living under a lock-down. And since then, we have seen many different changes happening in our lives and all around us. Though some people have successfully adapted to these changes, many are still struggling to cope. And we cannot deny that this is taking a huge toll on our relationships.

On one hand, people who are not able to meet their partner right now are doing whatever they can to find some moments of romance and joy. On the other hand, couples who are living together are experiencing some completely new problems in their relationships. All in all, this COVID-19 pandemic is significantly changing the way we perceive our relationships and dating.

Let’s try to understand this better.

A New Date comes with a Risk Now

Most of us are currently under lockdown. And so, we are not going out on dates and meeting new people. However, a lot of people, right now, are just waiting for the moment the government lifts these restrictions so that they can go out and have fun with whoever they want. 

No doubt I love their enthusiasm. But let’s take a moment and think about it. Is it really a good idea to date someone new right now? I hope your answer is “no.”

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’m not against dating or something. But the time, I think, isn’t right. I mean, how can you tell if the person sitting next to you isn’t carrying the virus? And this question alone makes the dating game right now very challenging.

Staying with One Person is Very Difficult

I repeat this once again: Staying with one person all the time is very difficult.

If you are a couple who has been living together during the lockdown, I think you probably know what I mean. Initial days might have been nice for you. But by now, perhaps you have realized how quickly you can get into each other’s nerves. You start fighting over any silly issue, which would have gone unnoticed otherwise. And you’ve started getting irritated by even each other’s presence, sometimes.

This lock-down has shown many couples that no matter how perfect their relationship was, staying together all the time is no piece of cake.

If you Survive, Your Relationship will be a lot Stronger

Yes, it’s not very easy to stay together with the same person for a long time. However, believe me, if you survive this time somehow, your relationship can be a lot stronger. No matter how long you have been together, there still will be things that you don’t know about each other. But when you live together, you get to know each other at a much deeper level. You know about each other’s habits, likes, and dislikes. And you become more tolerant toward each other.

And let’s say, you are not living together right now. You obviously can’t meet them personally. And this gives you an opportunity to miss them and to realize how important they are to you.

You Realize the Value of all Relationships

The current pandemic has not only affected romantic relationships but other relations too. The lockdown and social distancing mandates have made traveling very difficult. And due to this, many people are stuck away from their homes and parents. 

People who are living away are concerned about their aged parents. “What if they need something?” “What if they get sick?” and “What if they catch the virus?” All these thoughts have made them wonder if they did the right thing moving away for work. 

Many are even thinking of leaving their jobs and moving back to their hometowns, once this gets over.

Online Dating is the Future

As discussed earlier, meeting someone new face to face is, obviously, off the table right now. And so, the only thing we are left with right now is “Online Dating.” In fact, we are already seeing a huge surge in the usage of online dating apps

There have been many reports of how people are using online platforms to meet their potential partners. People are chatting, flirting and video calling each other. In fact, they are getting creative and adding flavor to it. Did you know apps like NetFlix allow you to sync your devices and watch movies with others? A great idea for your next online date, I think!