Does Cannabis Alter Your Perception of Time?

Does Cannabis Alter Your Perception of Time?

Has it ever happened that you smoked a bud so fine to relax that you completely lost the count of time? Well, if you’re a regular cannabis user, you might be aware of the time-altering effects of cannabis. Time freezes! Six hours seem like a breeze and life operates at slow motion. 

So, is this a real thing or just a perception? 

Well, this curiosity has triggered scientists to conduct experiments to decode the truth behind this phenomenon. If I had to ask you what happens when you smoke cannabis? Your immediate response would be that it makes you feel relaxed and couch-locked. Everything expands and you can sense your body slowing down.

The science behind this phenomenon

A team of researchers at Yale University conducted a research in 2012 to study this phenomenon of time perception. They took a group of 44 people and dosed them with intravenous THC to study the possible effects. The individuals underwent a placebo study where they had to give a rough estimate of time. It happened as expected. Participants under the influence of THC had an altered perception of time. They showed signs of time underproduction and overestimation. Also, the scientists found an interesting fact about chronic cannabis users. They noted that people who smoked cannabis 3-4 times a week had a significantly lower chance of altered time perception when compared to occasional users. That’s because when you smoke cannabis regularly, your body develops a tolerance to the effects of the herb. 

There is a clear difference between how you feel without a high and when you’re sober. Scientists concluded that this altered sense of time lasts only until you are high. When you return to your senses, everything falls back in place. Another study conducted in 2001 observed rats under a similar influence. The researchers dosed rats with a chemical that triggered the cannabinoid receptors. The rats had a sense of time underproduction similar to humans. 

What are the possible explanation of this phenomenon?

Although there is not a clear theory that can explain this phenomenon, there are some possible explanations. Well, there is a region in the brain known as the thalamocortical-striatal circuit that dictates our perception of time. This area particularly has a large concentration of endocannabinoid receptors. Now, when you ingest cannabis, THC influences these receptors to bring a change in the way you perceive time. As mentioned earlier, this change in perception was more evident in occasional users. Heavy users did not observe a change in their time perception. That’s because when you use cannabis regularly, your body develops a tolerance to the effects of cannabis. 

Let’s have a closer look at this time-altering phenomenon of cannabis. When you consume cannabis, there is a change in brain chemistry. Infusion of THC in the body results in the production of neurotransmitters. One such transmitter is glutamate that is responsible for our perception of time. It makes you lose the count of time. Well, there is one more theory that states cannabis can change the mechanism of neural pathways and the body’s internal clock. 

The consequence of altered time perception

So, is this altered sense of time perception good or bad? Well, it depends on how it influences your life. For instance, if you’re someone who has an artistic side, then you might think that cannabis enhances your creativity. You seem to have more time to explore your creative dimensions. Also, it might help you expand your social connections by making conversations last longer. It can bring a sense that you’re enjoying every bit of your life. 

Well, that’s not the case with everyone. A lot depends on the situation too. If you are at work, this altered sense of time can be taxing for your survival. It can get you fired simply because you failed to make the best use of time. Let’s take another situation. You are driving a car under the influence of cannabis. The law does not permit this but let’s think this hypothetically. You need a crisp sense of judgment to avoid any possible danger. If you’re under heavy influence of cannabis, you can lose the correct sense of time and distance. This can be dangerous and lead to an accident. I’m sure you don’t want that. If you’re out on a date, then depending on who you’re with you may or may not like these effects.

So, it’s better that you dose safely without any adverse effects. Ideally, you should contact a cannabis doctor that can give you a better idea of whats going on, Additionally you can also check up resources on Chronic Joint Pain CBD to understand more about this phenomenon.