Creative Date Ideas You Should Try During This COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has affected almost every aspect of our lives. Be it travel, work, marriage, or dating. The entire year has been stressful and people seem to have lost interest in everything. Due to social distancing norms, it’s hard to imagine life in the same way we used to. So, relationships are no longer the same couples seem to have a challenge maintaining the connection. So, have you been going on dates? Well, the idea of COVID-19  dates might not seem interesting if you’re used to fun activities, going on lavish dinners, or movies. Well, if you get a bit creative, you can infuse the same excitement. We have a list of tips you can use to make your dates exciting and fun. 

Host a Movie Night at Your Backyard

Theatres closed and no way to go on a movie date. Well, that’s not true. You can throw a movie date in your own backyard. Sounds good, right? All you need is a projector, speakers, and some cushions. That won’t be hard to arrange. The best thing about this date is that you can have better control over the whole set up. Before the date begins, you can cook something for yourself and enjoy the movie with a glass of wine. Perfect! Isn’t it? Well, which movie are you planning to watch?

Play Cocktail Roulette

Do you prefer cocktails to wine? No issues! Invite your partner and try some mixology. Grab the alcohol and create new drinks while tasting them on the way. Usually, drinking is only about the same set of drinks. So, making cocktails can infuse some fun element into your date. Just make sure you keep the alcohol content within limits to prevent getting zoned out. Well, if you are not sure how to do it, you can contact a virtual mixologist and let them guide you through the whole process. That won’t be hard to achieve if you have apps like Zoom. 

Go For a Picnic in The Park

Picnics are always fun, and if you plan it in your backyard, it can be even more exciting. Just select an ideal time like mid-evening so that you can have the sun setting in the background while you spend quality time with your partner. Grab a basket and put some exotic fruits, your favorite food, and even some drinks if you want. Spend your time having a relaxing conversation and indulge in a romantic vibe. 

Plan a Breakfast Date

Who says dates are only suited for the evening? Well, you can even plan to go on a brunch date. And the best thing is that you can just wake up and startup with a hot beverage together wearing your pajamas. This might seem weird but it actually means that you share this level of comfort with your partner. Dates don’t always need to be lavish. You should start appreciating simple things in your life. It’s all about commitment and will help you realize that real happiness does not come from materialistic things. Make something exciting for the breakfast like mimosas, pancakes, or omelet. 

Indulge in a Cannabis Experience Together

Is your partner 420 friendly? If yes, then you both can plan to indulge in a relaxing cannabis experience together. There are multiple ways of consuming cannabis. Well, vaping is highly popular in the present scene. So, look for stores where you can find the best CBD vapes for yourself. Once you do that, invite your partner and do some chill vaping sessions. Cannabis is loaded with multiple properties that make it an ideal companion for a date. It can relax you and make everything more enjoyable. You can watch movies, listen to music, or just groove together. Cannabis can ensure a really good time. 

Plan a Virtual Air Bnb Experience

Traveling is not really an option in the present scene. So, well you can have an option of going on a virtual Air Bnb experience that allows to explore new places from the comfort of your home. Exciting! Isn’t it? These tours provide a lot of options. Like you can go on a virtual tour of European countries, cooking lessons, wine tasting, etc. This is usually established through a zoom call. So, you can even invite other people to your date night. 

Host a Board Game Night

Board games are always fun. Well, so you can do that on your date night. Invite your partner for an exciting game of Monopoly, Life, or any other game of your choice. If you are not fond of board games, you can try some card games like Rummy or Uno. Playing games is a good way to bring an element of fun in your date. Plus, it even sparks some competitive spark with your better half. This eventually leads to a better time together. 

We are sure that these creative ideas will help you dive into a great time with your partner during COVID-19. Do respect the social distancing rules and cherish the bond you have with your partner.