Can You go For a Dinner Date With Your Furry Four Footer?

Gone are the days when you had to keep your dogs locked inside while you had to go for some urgent business. Nowadays, dog owners are increasingly taking their emotional support dogs while going out for some errands. Or to grab a bite instead of leaving them at home. Nothing can beat the feeling of being with their companion. But you can’t take your pooch anywhere. And making him wait in the hot car would be no fun for either of you. Fortunately, you will find many restaurant chains that offer pet-friendly services. So, if you are also hopping out for a date with your four-legged companion, here are some of the places that you will be delighted to go. 

Dog-Friendly Restaurants 

Dog-friendly is no official term in this industry. It’s because health code experts always frown upon dogs hanging around the food preparation area. But, you will find many places with patios that say “yes” to your well-behaved dogs. And encourage dog owners to bring their pets inside and sit beside the table. Some offer different amenities for your four-fitters, such as drinking water, special menu items to keep your dog engaged. So, let’s jump right in and look for some of the famous dog-friendly restaurant chains. 

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream 

Most of the locations of Bruster’s Real Ice Cream include simply take your ice cream and move on. Or a hangout place with a sitting area outside the patio. And almost every location accepts dogs with their owners. Some are so adaptive that they offer free puppy cone of vanilla ice cream. And guess what, it might have your favorite dog biscuit too. Isn’t that a treat you might offer your dog for his accomplishments or just for being a well-behaved member of your family? 

Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar 

This chain of restaurants offers a patio and provides some incredible recipes such as chicken breasts or brown rice for your emotional support dog. However, these restaurants are only available on the West Coast. But, they are planning to expand their chain to other areas shortly. 

Shack Shack 

It is one of the most dog-friendly chains that are currently operational. Like the previous one, they offer a dog-friendly menu and welcome dogs on the patio. They are not located in every city. However, if you live in the North East, Las Vegas, South Florida, Chicago, and Texas, consider yourself lucky. And plan an outing with your dog right away. 


You might be confused with the name of a coffee house coming up in the list of restaurants. Well, since one can get food there as well, many people take the feel of a restaurant with this establishment as well. Most locations will allow you to hang with your emotional support dog, and some might offer ‘pippuccinos (small cups of whipped cream)” as well. Are you thinking of going out on a coffee date with your dog? This is the right place for you to hang out with your cuddle bundle of joy. 

How to Find a Dog-friendly Place Near Your Area? 

Well, it is not always a case that you will find a dog-friendly place or know about it. But, you can use the following ways to identify such places and plan a fantastic weekend for your beloved four-legged therapist. Firstly, you can talk to the owners of the dog park to share nearby bars and bistros that welcome dogs as well. Secondly, you can consult the employees of a local pet store to give you information about the restaurants that allow dogs. And if that does not help, you can look up online and look for local restaurant review sites to locate such places. 

Bottom Line 

Having a dog is like having a stress buster right there for you at all times. So, why leave your companion behind when you can enjoy with them without any restrictions. Find a dog-friendly place is the first step to plan a date with your pooch and spend some quality time with your emotional support dog. Have you found your favorite place?