5 Things You Should Keep in Mind While Celebrating Thanksgiving This Year

Yes, the rumors are true. This year we will celebrate Thanksgiving, but a little differently than how we celebrated it last year. All thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we still need to stay socially distanced and wear a mask to prevent the virus from turning the globe into a giant prison. 

While Thanksgiving is just around the corner, many Americans will prevent themselves from either hosting or inviting friends over. So, it turns out that celebrating Thanksgiving will be a puzzle this year. 

Thanksgiving chores like getting a turkey and fancying the casserole will no longer be the center of attention. Most people will be worried about requesting coronavirus tests, keeping hand sanitizers at the door for the guests, and throwing parties while keeping the health regulations intact. With that in mind, here are three steps that will help you host and celebrate Thanksgiving safely. 

Study the Virus Trends

This step is extremely crucial for those who plan on hosting a Thanksgiving party. You can check the virus trends on the CDC official website and go in-depth with the information. If you feel the rates have surged in the past week or guests from this community will pose risk to others, consider hosting a virtual Thanksgiving party. In fact, Health Officials suggest that communities with a maximum no. of coronavirus cases must hold virtual dinners. 

Additionally, families with elder members in the house or someone who has an underlying condition should not attend in-person Thanksgiving dinners. Especially if the rate of community spread is quite high and growing by a significant number each day. In this case, you can celebrate the holiday indoors with selective family members.

Check Local Guidelines for Social Gatherings

Each community, region, or state has issued guidelines regarding social gatherings. You can look up local government websites and see how many people you can invite for an outdoor and indoor social setting. Based on the local data, the regulatory bodies will be able to suggest a proper number. So, we think that checking the numbers will be another good place to start. Also, reduce the risk of the virus by inviting limited no. of people or else invite only family members. As hard as it may sound, it’s best to keep social gatherings small and distanced to help minimize the curve of the pandemic. Just like we are moving to online dating, social gathering will eventually be a virtual event.

Get Creative With the Setting and Serving Style

Thanksgiving is celebrated in various ways. Some rub elbows at the dinner table and have embarrassing conversations while others use CBD vapes before challenging friends to a board game. This year you can add a little twist and write a new Thanksgiving script. How about an outdoor celebration, or outdoor activity in the back or front yard of your house. After it is a lower risk option because compact spaces with poor ventilation pose a higher risk than an open setting. 

Not only this but this way your friends and family can wear masks, sit at a distance from each other while eating and having conversations. For high touched surfaces limit the no. of people cooking in the kitchen. You can order takeout or assign one or two people who can enter the kitchen. Also, if your group is local, you can try a barbeque cookout instead of an indoor dinner. 

Request Your Guests to Take Proper Precautions   

You can ask your family members, relatives, or friends to stay indoors for at least two weeks before Thanksgiving. This will help lower the risk of virus transmission. If possible, it will be a good idea for the family members to isolate themselves for at least a week before the day arrives. In case your guests forget or they cannot manage to stay indoors for many days, ask them to either celebrate virtually or separately. 

You can also ask your friends and family members to get a test done at least one week before Thanksgiving. A test doesn’t guarantee the transmission of the virus, but social distancing, wearing a mask, and washing the hands will go a long way. 

Practice Good Hygiene During the Celebration

Last but not the least, wash your hands often. Do so with a hand wash or a normal soap for twenty seconds. Also, do not share your food plate, drinks, or any other utensils with guests that have traveled from afar. If you’re around guests or family members who have traveled from a different city or country wear a mask at all times, especially when you are around them.  

Some other basic tips that you can keep in mind include keeping windows open in a closed setting. Also, use disposable service ware and decorations to allow for fewer chances of contraction. 

We all know that this year’s Thanksgiving will be celebrated amidst a pandemic. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Yes, ease in regulations have been put in place, but you still have to ensure that safety measures are being followed properly. Happy Thanksgiving!