8 Recreational Activities To Do When High At Your House

8 Recreational Activities To Do When High At Your House

#Stayathome and Selfisolation are the new normal. And, it is affecting people in cynical ways! For cannabis users, this has been a long pause to sit and smoke with their friends. Probably, this long pause might be permanent as social distancing and the fear of contracting COVID-19 infection will not be eliminated soon.

So, how are you trying to cope up with this pandemic and your cravings for some time with friends? Gen Z people, even the millennials, are eager to step outside for recreation with peers. 

And home is not a fun place, right?

Wrong! You can make your home your place within a matter of seconds. Gentleman, ladies, get your favorite cannabis toke out and choose one of your following favorite activities to do at home! Yes, cannabis is a friend to ladies too!

Fortunately, people who have got a medical marijuana doctors evaluation are lucky to be able to buy any strain of their choice. However, you are lucky if you are in a state with legal recreational cannabis. 


Are you the one who looks forward to any social improvement methods? Perhaps, journaling is one of the best activities when you are high! We all know that smoking cannabis enhances our creativity and imaginative skills. Smoke cannabis and start journaling- get a new perspective on your life. Learn something new about yourself every day! 

Write down your stream-of-consciousness while you are high and read them while you are not! It will be interesting to see what you think when you are high and have a new outlook or insights about life. Smartphones and laptops can be enticing, but the old traditional pen and paper are yet the best. 

Or, you may journal the weed strains you are smoking, how you feel, and how frequently you use it. It will help you select the perfect cannabis strain and product for you.

Getting Artsy or Musical

Cannabis and Art go together. You may know that famous artists and musicians enjoy cannabis to enhance their creativity during their performance. Even writers use cannabis to bring out their masterpieces. Nothing satisfies your inner artist than good cannabis stuff. Or, are you good with colors? You may even opt for painting.

So, the next time when you do not find anything interesting- just grab some art supplies and smoke up cannabis. Let your inner artist run wild- it can be writing, painting, singing, trying a DIY project, or start a photography session- whatever you like. Who knows you may come across a million-dollar idea or a new passion?


Working out is fun when you are a little high, isn’t it? Sometimes, working out might feel like a whole lot of work. You may smoke a little cannabis to make your workout interesting. Relax your muscles and get a clear headspace. Many athletes say that eating cannabis-infused edibles or smoking helps in enhancing their performance. Of course, the cannabis strain you choose matters a lot. Get a cannabis strain that energizes you when you work out and does not give you a couch-lock. 

However, if you are prone to heart diseases or other medical conditions, it is important to consult a doctor before taking on cannabis during workouts.


Can you think of the last time you enjoyed cooking a meal? For many, cooking is only bringing food to the table. It is much more than that. The person cooking should enjoy the entire process of it to present the best meal! So, next time you enter the kitchen to cook, try using cannabis. Put on some music and an apron. Cannabis has properties to heighten your senses- tasting and smelling. Thus, it helps in mindful eating- meaning to pay attention to the food as it is prepared. Consequently, it helps in fighting anxiety, eating disorders, and depression. Oh! Do not forget to turn off the stove once you are done!

Board Games

You already know that cannabis infuses a sense of euphoria! What is better to get along with your family and spend an evening? Take out the family’s favorite board game- Monopoly, Candyland, Jenga, and others. Or, just gather your siblings and cousins, take those modern and adult-themed games like Social Humor, or Cards Against Humanity. I know games are fun themselves, but cannabis and precisely, THC, makes it all more interesting! 

It will not only relax you but also reduce your social anxiety! Stimulate some great laughs with your family. Trust me it is more fun in practicality than it sounds.

Playing with Pets

Are you giving enough time to your pet? Isn’t your dog longing for your attention? I know, all-day stress can really wear you out and not allow you to spend enough time with your pooch. However, cannabis can help you overcome this tiresome feeling, re-energize you, and make your pet happy! Take out a moment from your busy schedule, spend some time with your dog. Maybe play catch in your garden as you cannot step outside, a little tug of war to boost the energy in your dog. Want to see how fun dogs and cats are? Bring a garden hose, a baby pool, or something unique and let them explore it! 

The only thing to make sure is to keep them away from your cannabis stash. 

Reading Book

Worry not! You can go for audiobooks too! Reading has always been associated with bringing calm and peace. And, combining it with cannabis will just enhance the experience. Anecdotal shreds of evidence have proven to be bringing a lot of positive effects. Try taking up cannabis before reading, or you may enjoy it while reading (ensure to not end up burning your book). You will be more energetic, happy, focussed, creative, and uplifted. Most importantly, it improves your concentration. 

You can even make a date out of the day.